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One purpose of these meetings is to oversee the project, i.e., develop the project, define a timeline of activities and a set of expectations for research activity and literature review, set deadlines, and discuss problems and trouble shooting.FYI: This 1 credit, section 1, is described as 499A in descriptions from the Honors Program.Undergraduate Research Assistant at James Madison University.

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Students who wish their work to compete for the best honors thesis in CSD are advised to have their document ready for review about a week after spring break.The faculty advisor and committee members are also required to determine whether an honors project meets the Honors milestone and the student is entitled to graduate With Distinction.

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Sean McCarthy, and a nonprofit, Cross-Cultural Solutions, to create, develop,.The best way to do this is to review the webpage listings of Biology and Biotechnology professors and their research projects, find several doing interesting research, and contact them by email to see if they have space in their labs and are willing to support a thesis student.Candidates for the Research Citation in Honors are required to prepare a proposal outlining plans, methods,.Upon receiving approval from a program director, the student must also submit the PDF file to the JMU library system.

The introduction should finish by explicitly stating the hypothesis or question being addressed (or the objectives of the research), and if appropriate, providing predictions of objectives or tests.REL 499 - HONORS THESIS class wall and course overview (exams, quizzes, flashcards, and videos) at James Madison (JMU).Once accepted, students are accorded all privileges of being an Honors student.

Students should be aware of the drop deadline for CSD499-1, the first course in the honors sequence.How they register to do summer research (i.e., in a BIO 499, BIO 497 or another course), what credit hours they receive, and if and how they are paid must be determined by arrangement with the faculty advisor.Before and during the first committee meeting, the faculty advisor, committee members and student develop a research project that can be done within the scope of three two-credit courses and work out a mutually acceptable timeline for carrying out the research training, library research, proposal writing, and research activity required to complete the project.Biology and Biotechnology Majors generally do a project with a faculty member in the department of their respective Majors.MATH 499B - Honors Thesis at James Madison University is about.You get to take special seminar classes, and write a thesis in your last 3 semesters.

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The faculty advisor and student must first decide upon the general nature of the project and select two committee members.

JMU defines engaged learning as developing deep, purposeful and reflective learning, while uniting campus and community in the pursuit, creation, application and.Camilla Czulada, an honors student and swimmer on the JMU Swimming and Diving team, was awarded the CAA Scholar-Athlete of the Year and the JMU Athletics Director Scholar-Athlete Award.Students are advised to start thinking about finding an honors.It begins what is typically, but not necessarily, a three-credit course sequence.Faculty advisors are advised to request copies of student degree progress reports for verifying the GPA and core course requirements and to ask about student extracurricular activity and work schedules before taking on a student.An incomplete grade should not be given for BIO 499A and B, though it can be given for BIO 499C.Students who wait until the middle of their junior year to find a faculty advisor might have difficulty finding one whose research interests them and who is willing to take on an unfamiliar student at that time.

Current Graduate Students. Meyers on a high honors thesis utilizing the zebrafish lateral line to.

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It must also describe what is currently well established in the broader area, identify unanswered questions that relate to the proposed research, and indicate how the proposed research will answer those questions or fill in a gap in our knowledge.A student can transform their regular ISAT Senior Project into an Honors Thesis with minimal effort.For most Honors students...

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Honors Thesis: Her project is. ughout her time at JMU, the Honors College has played an influential role in her studies and career aspirations.The research Wallace performed as an undergraduate in the JMU biology program. which received the Phi Beta Kappa Award for the Best Undergraduate Honors Thesis,.Students wishing to change advisors for whatever reason are recommended to consult the Biology Department Honors Liaison person.

Once a student has found a faculty advisor, the faculty and student must agree upon and invite two faculty members to serve as committee members.The methods section should describe the methods in sufficient detail for committee members to evaluate their adequacy, feasibility and appropriateness for the tasks in question.A fully revised version of this proposal must be received and approved by the faculty advisor and committee members and submitted to the Honors office by the Monday of the last week of classes of the BIO 499A term (or the end of summer session for students who do BIO 499A in summer session).

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James Madison University will now be home to an Honors College, following approval by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.Students wishing to start the Honors project earlier or later than spring term of their junior year must arrange this in advance with their faculty advisor.Smad jmu application essay research papers dryden essay of dramatic poesy pdf editor.