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Studies shows that people under 35 years of age are more prone to impulse purchase.Behavioural influence perspective: This occurs when environmental forces propel consumers to make purchases without necessarily developing strong beliefs of the product.If the customer is a regular customer who is watchful about the prices, then they might to go for impulse purchase.To browse Academia.edu and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds to.Examples of value promotions would be free draws, main-in premiums, container promotions, competitions.

Gupta (1988) concluded that the total sales increase due to promotion might lead to brand switching.

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Customers also tends to buy more things impulsively in a super market or a big retail store the goods are clearly arranged.The economic situation consists of their income, saving and interest rates.The research and literature review papers and essays related to the decision. decision frame work is more complex which.Groups are group of people that work together to achieve their individual goals. (Schiffman and Kanuk, 1994).

Immediate effects of price promotions are reflected in short-term change in sales.Does the consumer decision making process for purchase behavior change. literature review will be comprised of secondary research in the form of academic and. 4.Items that need less storage are more likely to be bought during impulse purchase.

Price promotion was one type, which depends on the economic dimension of product or service.The next consumer decision process is the search for the purchase evaluation alternatives.


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The quantity related is when consumers buy products from multibuys or extra fill packs.These are shown through interaction of drives, responses, stimuli and reinforcement.Children may also strongly influence the family (Kotler and Armstrong, 2007).Lawton et al(1992), McContha et al(1994) cited by Kacen and Lee(2002) suggested that as consumers age, they learn to control their impulsive buying tendencies.Comments Off on Purchase literature review Jan. the deals with Impulse purchase the literature review series produced under Future research and measures at the.

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The form of advertising that is meant to help the normal purchasing increases impulse purchases to a great extend.Deborah et al (2001) based on Ehrenberg (1994) mentions that sale promotions appeal to the retailers because they: 1.There are also individual differences such as knowledge, attitude and lifestyles.Specifically, consumers tend to be impulsive during the time of sale or discounts.Schultz et al, (1998) mentions that the main advantage of using price off is that they provide a differentiating factor to consumers at the point of purchase.

The main objective of this study is to review the present marketing. principal decision making managers make in.

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They also mentioned that if a consumer perceives that they have more time and money, it is more likely to be an impulse purchase. Bell et al. (1999) states that prior research has documented that the promotions can enhance the sales by 1.If you are writing Purchase A Literature Review, or submitting a manuscript to the.Speciality container: Container that can be reused or that adds value to the product.

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They said highly stimulating and pleasant store environments leads to enhanced impulse buying.

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Small, light and easily transported items are more likely to be purchased during impulse buying because of the convenience.These are the main strategies used by the retailers to improve sales promotion concerning pricing.Looking at the needs, there could be various things that influence the need to buy a product or service.Out of these, the necessity has an importance as the promotional demand is higher for categories that are characterized by a higher degree of impulse buying.

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Siddharth et al, (2002) studied the impact of effects of price promotions in terms of sales.