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Throughout year 12 we have studied distinctly visual texts with a focus on the prescribed text of the Shoe Horn Sonata by John Misto that gives insight into.When he wrote the play, Misto was concerned that the pain and suffering that many women endured at the hands of their Japanese captors after the fall of Singapore had been forgotten.Read this English Essay and over 87,000 other research documents.Compare the ways the distinctively visual is created in The Shoe-horn Sonata and in ONE other related.The Shoe Horn Sonata by John Misto is about two women, Bridie and Sheila.This is a distinctly visual text, a distinctively visual text uses language as well as visual techniques to.The Shoe-horn Sonata is concerned with the incarceration of two women held captive in a Japanese prisoner of war (POW) camp.

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Through the projection of photographic slides, images of extremely starved and emaciated women are depicted.

The use of voice-over and sound effects are particularly important in establishing the mood and the meaning of the play.The distinctive experience of finding hope and purpose through the outlet of art is created through the visual medium of John Mistos The Shoe Horn Sonata. He.

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There is a high angle shot where spilzman himself and the piano, this was during when the Germans were assaulting the slave workers and he had to escape in order for them to not find out who he was.Rencontres grand corps malade explication essay evan gottlieb romantic globalism essay long essay on live and let live meaning leadership and motivation essay.These sounds are quite confrontational to us, as the audience, as they represent the perpetration of violence upon individuals.

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It places the scenes within historical contexts and on some occasions suggests the irony of the situations in which the two women face.

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Both army nurses and civilians were the victims of terrible mistreatment and cruelty during the war, yet their stories were not widely known, nor had successive Australian governments acknowledged them.

They also reinforce the powerlessness and vulnerability of the characters.Music and sound effects: Sonata is a musical term describing something written specifically for two musical instruments Music is a linking device throughout the play.Anti Essays offers essay examples to help students with their essay writing.Throughout the play The Shoe Horn Sonata by John Misto the distinctively visual elements are demonstrated through themes and techniques that convey the aspects of.

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In Act 1, the use of first person is evident with both characters as they recount the story of their younger identities, facing challenges on the.The idea of heroism is shown through both characters as they unravel sacrificing either an important object or themselves to the Japanese in order to save one another.

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Important issues in the world can be brought to mind by engaging visual images.Our collection includes thousands of sample research papers so you can find almost any essay you want.Chen guo factual essay froebel research paper essay on war and violence 600 word essay on nuclear reactors in california endothermic essay, pro active euthanasia.

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A range of techniques are used in both texts to help understand the visual aspect of the texts such as the plight of the protagonists in each text.During this scene, the women struggle to ascend up a hill thinking it will be the last moment of their lives.And finally, no hoarder, profiteer or black marketer should be left with impunity.There exists a range of sounds that establish the reality of the past such as the singing of the crickets and the lapping of the waves.Shoe Horn Sonata Distinctively Visual Essay Essays and Research Papers.

Each text, whether it be a dramatised stage play or a film script, has a composer who has the capacity to emotionally transport an audience to a different time and.

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Essay on Shoe Horn Sonata.The Shoe Horn Sonata- The Shoe Horn Sonata provides an insight into the lives of two women who were.HSC Standard English - Shoe Horn Sonata Essay - Download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online.

John Misto, the composer of The Shoe-Horn Sonata explores the hard times and the effects that WWII had on the female.

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Shoe Horn Sonata Distinctively Visual Themes is trying to convey to the audience.How do the play the Shoe Horn Sonata and one other related text use the power of the Distinctively.It is made evident throughout The Shoe-Horn Sonata and my related texts that interesting views on.The atrocities of war are visually revealed in John Mistos play, The Shoe Horn Sonata as it commemorates the.

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The Truman Show, Peter Weir, Academy Award for Best Director.Warwick Thorton, in their texts The shoe horn sonata and Samsun and Delilah, successfully conveys distinctively visual elements through the use of individuals and.

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Edotek is scholarships with no essay 2014 a shoe horn sonata essay bored of studies scientific consultancy which provides technical assistance to industry and other.These three texts demonstrate how the responders are impacted and what is interrupted within the text and there similarities that help shape meaning.