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But Romeo rushed in to rescue his teen bride unaware of the half-baked potion plot and saw Juliet apparently dead - setting in motion two grim suicides.

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Ornate, but not garish, extravagant but in perfect taste, expansive but never overwhelming, the picture reflects great credit upon its producers and upon the screen as a whole.

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With Romeo on the run after killing Tybalt, Juliet turned to meddling monk Laurence to get out of her desparate situation.

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Thalberg sent Messel with a camera crew to Italy to photograph various architecture and art around Verona for inspiration.

This is what I thought a newspaper article would look following the events of act 3 scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet in which there are 2 major character deaths.

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Irving Thalberg sat like Solomon and never committed himself.Barrymore managed to get his act together enough to finish the film without further incident.However, he had already established a reputation as a fine director at MGM with such films as Dinner at Eight (1933) and Little Women (1933).

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Irving Thalberg wanted John Barrymore to play the flamboyant supporting role of Mercutio.

Best Answer: Are you allowed to use the death of Romeo and Juliet as the article subject.It ended up costing 2 million dollars (a huge amount for the 1930s) and ultimately failed to make a substantial profit.Designer Oliver Messel was brought over from England to supervise the intricate sets and costumes.Shearer committed herself to the role and worked diligently with acting coach Constance Collier, focusing especially on making the complex Shakespearean speeches sound as natural as possible.

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Finding the right actor to play Romeo was one of the biggest challenges that faced Romeo and Juliet.This party animal was a bit too fond of a fight, but he stuck by his friends.Bringing Romeo and Juliet to the screen was something MGM Production chief Irving Thalberg had wanted to do for a long time.

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Bizarrely, his solution was to give the junior beauty a drug that laid her out, then fire off a message to Romeo to come to the rescue.Irving Thalberg asked actor William Powell to take over the role, but Powell refused.Cukor, who was relatively new to Hollywood, had never directed any Shakespearean works.Laurence Olivier, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Robert Donat and Brian Aherne were all considered for the part.

The Capulet castle and garden from the famed balcony scene covered 52,000 square feet.

Romeo and Juliet borrows from a tradition of tragic love stories dating back to antiquity.Married to actress Dolores Del Rio, Gibbons was a founding member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.Newspaper article on Romeo and Tybalt fight (Shakespeare) Tendai Sigauke.

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Romeo Juliet Lord Capulet Benvolio Tybalt The Friar Mercutio The Nurse III.

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Everything on the production went relatively smoothly with one exception - John Barrymore.He could handle himself but was smart enough to stay out of trouble if he could.Find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about Romeo And Juliet From The latimes.Thalberg made sure that no expense was spared in the preparation of the Romeo and Juliet production and brought in top professionals to work on the film.He did, as stipulated by his contract, receive design credit for almost every film produced at MGM during his time there (an impossible 70 plus films a year).Romeo and Juliet was one of two pictures Cukor completed in 1936.

Though art director Cedric Gibbons objected, director George Cukor brought in Oliver Messel from England as a design consultant for the elaborate sets and costumes.

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Director: George Cukor Producer: Irving Thalberg Screenplay: Talbot Jennings (based on the play by William Shakespeare) Cinematography: William H.

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The bodies of Romeo Montague (17) and underage lover Juliet Capulet.Not surprisingly, the picture starts with signifiers of its high-culture credentials - a painted Renaissance curtain, a Shakespeare medallion, opening titles on unfurling scrolls, and so on.