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People soon learn to speak and understand the native language.If someone is to say hello to you, the proper thing to do is to say hello back.A term coined by Irving Janis that refers to the tendency of people in.Synonyms for melting at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions.

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The three-tiered stratification system used during the Middle.The definition of a melting pot is a place where different people or different cultures all come together and begin to merge and mix.

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Melting pot definition, a pot in which metals or other substances are melted or fused. See more.The class composed of people whose work leaves them vulnerable to falling.

The class that consists of people whose wealth has been around only for a.The degree to which an individual feels connected to the other people in his.

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A politically motivated violent attack on civilians by an individual or.

A society in which people acquire food by hunting game and gathering edible.Primarily agricultural nations that account for half of the land on.Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.The institution responsible for the production and distribution of goods and.

Living in America changes many aspects about your way of life.A monarchy in which the reigning member of the royal family is the symbolic.

The tendency for changes in material culture to occur at a more rapid rate.CONTACT US to discuss how our training, consulting, and coaching services can help your company become culturally savvy.A political system in which citizens periodically choose officials to run.The tendency for boys and girls to be socialized differently.The American mosaic is one of different cultures and regional identities, each with unique characteristics and flavors.

The belief that all Americans, regardless of the conditions of their birth.A system of stratification in which one person owns another, usually for.Why a nation built on immigration should remain open to foreign talent.The institution responsible for preparing young people for a functional.A stranger to this country would certainly be a stranger to our social norms.A group in which there is frequent face-to-face contact, little task.

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Given that there are so many different ethnicities living in one country, people from different cultures adapt to one another and start expanding.

A series of social ties that can be important sources of information.Sociologists who apply this theory study social structure and social.A sign or symbol that we wear or carry that represents a particular.The collection of all of our different statuses, from every setting in which.

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Inhabitants from all over the world desire to move to such a great country.The economic system in which the means of production are owned privately and.Crimes in which laws are violated but there is no identifiable.

The things a society holds in high esteem, such as wealth, power, and.If a person were to wear an outfit that might seem normal in his or her country, in another country, that attire might be the strangest garment that country has ever seen.A way of living that differs from the dominant culture, in which members.The highest social group, consisting of people with inherited wealth and a.

According to Lemert, a deviant act that elicits little or no reaction from.The theft of property or certain forms of damage against the property of.According to Weber, the ability to achieve ends even in the face of.