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This means that it punishes anyone who tries to avoid detection of the offence committed under this section.Enjoy proficient essay writing and custom writing services provided by.It attracts an imprisonment of nothing less than 10 years or a fine of 20,000,000 or both.

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Subsection (2) then goes ahead to tell what can be regarded as pornographic materials in respect to the section.Essay writing for college scholarships japan Essay writing for college scholarships japan.Section 9 then talks about child pornography and related offences.Law can and should develop strategies to make crimes more expensive.

Cybercrime essay paper. ainsi soient ils critique essay fraternal twins compare and contrast essays great personal essay ban on plastic bags essay writing.They want the criminals to be punished for putting them through the feelings of hurt, and their feelings are real in every sense possible.In subsection 4 of this act, it says that if offence under subsection (1) of this section results to substantial loss or damage to the victim, the offender shall be liable to imprisonment or a fine of nothing less than 10,000,000.Technology has benefited society and prompted new methods of research and development.This is when you inject a malicious file into a database in order to gain information.

It provides in subsection (1) of section 3, that the President may on the recommendation of the NSA, by Order published in the Federal Gazette, designate certain computer systems, networks and information infrastructure vital to the national security of Nigeria or the economic and social welfare of its citizens, as constituting critical national information structure.This does not mean that cybercriminals were at liberty to act as it pleased them but it was just that there was no particular law solely talking about cybercrimes.

Preview text: Bangladesh enacted its cyber Crime Act in 2004, which provides for stringent punishment for on-line criminal.

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Subsection (3) then provides against the covering up of the act or omission through any device.

It then also prescribes punishments for those who have intentions to use any automated device or any computer program or software to retrieve, collect and store password, access code or any means of gaining access to any program, data or database held in any computer with the intention of committing crimes under this act.This section places a huge sentence on offenders under this section.In summary, this bill even though does not fully tackle all issues of cybercrime in Nigeria, would have been a good starting point.

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Still, while the approaches may need to be updated over time, the fundamental building blocks of successful anticrime strategies will remain constant.

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The internet requires interaction, and without the voluntary interaction of the victim crimes would never happen.The investigation of all financial crimes including advance fee fraud, money laundering, counterfeiting, illegal charge transfer, futures market fraud, fraudulent encashment of negotiable instruments, computer credit card fraud, contract scam etc.In subsection 2, it says that if a person gains access in the same mode as in subsection 1, in order to gain access to any program or data or confidential information or industrial secret, such a person is liable to conviction for a crime.In section 3, this bill talks about unlawful interception of communication.

The paper discusses the concept of cyber-crime at the dawn of the 21st Century.Several versions of the bill sponsored by different stakeholders found their way into the legislative houses but not making it tough to achieve the desired level of advancement.

Despite this limitation, there are laws in existence that provide for circumstance construed to include cybercrimes and serve some purpose no matter how limited.It says that any person intentionally uses any computer or network system for production of child pornography for the purpose of its circulation or offering or making available child pornography, or transmitting child pornography or acquiring child pornography for oneself or for another person.This description covers a few cybercrimes as evidently seen in Nigeria.Split your payment apart - Cybercrime research essay thesis.Cyber crime and terrorism is so complex of a crime that it can be hard to break down the barriers that can lead to justifying the action.

Also, any person who knowledgeably discloses any passwords or access code or any means of gaining access to any program or data held in any computer for any unlawful purpose or gain commits an offence.Law must strive to prevent great harm at cheap cost, and it must define costs broadly enough to include all of the negative effects of crime prevention (substitution effects, the social costs of suboptimal self-help strategies, and so on).Although at one time users of this new terrain felt laws would only hurt and restrain the new freedoms that came along with it, it seems that after having experienced the crimes they are beginning to contradict themselves.The next part is part 3 where the act discusses the offences and punishments in relation to cybercrime in Nigeria.Section 20 then says that the presidential order on what is classified as critical information may require audit from time to time.

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First in this part, we see the provision of the act, for offences against critical national information infrastructure in section 5.In subsection (1) we see that a service provider shall keep all traffic data and subscriber information as may be recommended by the appropriate authority for the time being responsible for the regulation of communication services in Nigeria.Free cyber crime papers, CyberCrime is Not Real Crime - Cyber Crime is Not Real Crime If a crime This paper seeks to explore a number of.There are, however, other circumstances in which expected sentences should not be raised, such as when diminishing returns exist or when higher sanctions seem cruel and disproportionate and therefore immoral or unconstitutional. (Sommer, 2008).Cyber crime is among those concepts that did not exist 15 to 20 years ago.