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It grabs your attention because the newsreader is talking in old English.There were no elaborate set designs, costumes, lighting or sound effects and there were also only a small number of actors playing many different parts.In the different versions of Romeo and Juliet that we saw there were 4 main contexts for us the viewer.He has the ability to build the characters strongly with whom the audience could relate.Within the short space of only seven minutes, he explains to the audience just how hot the feud between the two families really is.

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Leonardo DiCaprio starred as Romeo and Claire Danes starred as Juliet.Luhrmann tackled the task of bringing the play up to date in 1997 and getting young people interested.It will also consider the acting style and whether, how the verse is spoken and how actors engage with emotions through use of the text has any difference to the original play.I also believe that he reflects them well in their contemporary, modern, context of modern day Verona, however there are one or two aspects of the film that do not fit the contemporary context.Drama and Excitement in the Opening Scene of Romeo and Juliet by Baz Lurhmann.Comparing Prologues of Romeo and Juliet by Franco Zefirelli and Baz Luhrmann.Zeffirelli places the film in the 17th century and takes a more traditional approach.

In this essay there will be an outline of the story, a comparison of the techniques used in each film and the affect these techniques have on the viewer.Both films are set in Verona but the sets are very different.

I will analyse and give my own opinion on what I think about each play.The news flash is of a lady (news reporter) saying the prologue.

This could get confusing and therefore the language and imagery had to do all the work for the audience, as the words were the only tools available to help them imagine the scenes vividly.At the beginning of the film ther is a small television screen in the centre of the screen.I will be focusing on Act two Scene ii (the balcony scene) where I will compare how the two directors use media in the films.By using a white middle aged male for the voiceover, Zeffirelli is just giving the audience exactly what they expect, the first opportunity to see Romeo and Juliet on the screen is when as the film was made in 1.Being that these two films are so different, I have chosen to compare them to one another, using the famed balcony scene as my focus.

Instead, by using lively, modern images (swimming pool etc.) with a modern rock soundtrack and young good-looking popular actors, he has taken Romeo and Juliet to an audience that would normally think of Shakespeare as a chore to be studied in school.The Capulets have an astonishing daughter, approaching marriage age, named Juliet.Zeffirelli sets his play in the Renaissance Italy (14th century).As a logical consequence theatrical representations or film versions of these ages may allow an important quantity of freedom in the performance.Australian director Baz Luhrmann (Strictly Ballroom), Romeo and Juliet is a.Furthermore, this adaptation changes some original plots in order to provide the audiences with attractive modern atmosphere and splendid expression effect.

He had casted the vital roles of Romeo and Juliet to Leonard Whiting and Olivia hussy, who were both unrecognised actors before the releasing of the movie.

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He gatecrashes the party with his good friend Mercutio only to fall in love with a beautiful girl.Lastly, the most striking contrast between the two appeared within the first five minutes of the movie.By doing so, he opened up the world of Shakespeare to a whole new generation.In the beginning of the scene Romeo is portrayed as determined, wary and possibly a little frightened as he knocks over furniture and scrambles up the trellis.

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The point of this essay is to analyse them in the opening extract.We are proud to offer bilingual Spanish answering services to the growing number of.

The controversial film shows us just how important Shakespeare still is no matter how you try to change it.Many feel that he cut out too much of the words which lessened the character development and original connotation that Shakespeare intended.

Analysis of the Techniques Used by Baz Luhrmann in His Adaptation to the Opening of Romeo and Juliet.The audience can tell it is more modern e.g. there are cars, skyscrapers, guns, televisions and music.

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Nick is obviously adjudicated insane, and he is talking to his psychiatrist.This can cause many problems because Shakespearean texts are compulsory for students to study during their education.He runs up to the other characters wearing a blue jacket, a white shirt and a flowery tie which are neutral clothes.Its opening prologue is very plain and simple, there are just two long shots and the voiceovers voice speaks very slowly.

Essays about being sorry research paper presentation 2016 olympics anthony friedkin gay essay essay bill clinton in the united states basilica ulpia analysis essay.Shakespearian plays are usually played out in the traditional dress of the day, over four hundred years old.The director has used this shot to create suspense and tension.